This is what people have said after practicing yoga with me – although of course the system of yoga itself takes the real credit…

“Yoga is magic.” Kiran, 19, Leicester

“I haven’t felt that way since doing resistance to interrogation training in the army. Basically a series of stress positions and agony.”  Christopher, 39, London.

“Three days later I was still standing tall.” Suzanne, 40, London

“I love your adjustments, they were wonderful, thank you.” Hannah, 35, Leeds

“After one week of yoga, for the first time in months I can lie down flat on my back.” Jennifer, 60

“Jen was amazing. She has a wonderful approach, a warmth and a great technique and dealt with all guests equally and considerately.”

“Jenni proved to be fantastic and able to manage a very mixed ability group. She is a great inspiration. good to go back to the basics and focus on safety and alignment. Loved the last session team work.”

“Yoga was great, really useful to get back to basics and move on from there. Jen is an inspiring teacher.”

“The yoga was enchanting. Jenni is a great all-round teacher with asanas and yoga teaching. Fun, dynamic, thoughtful – am so happy to have had the chance to work with her.”

“Jenni was brilliant, so helpful. She made it a personal experience for everyone even though the group was large.”

“Well-paced, varied and suitable for all levels. Teacher (Jenni) excellent, held the space with wisdom and skill.”

“Jenni was an excellent teacher, with an amazing ability to put together classes for all levels. I can’t praise her enough for what she has taught me.”


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