Kaliyoga Spain, May/June, 2018

hottubIn 2018 I am teaching at Kaliyoga Spain from May 27th – June 8th. Here’s a gorgeous video of me and my yoga mates swanning about on bikes and in the hot tub at Kaliyoga Italy in 2014.

Ibiza, June, 2018

I will be lovingly making all the food on an incredible Yoga and QiGong retreat run by two dear friends in Ibiza.

Recent retreats:

Find your centre retreatMindfulness workshop dec 17

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What happens on retreat?

Finding your centre is an ever-evolving journey. What works for you now, may not work for you in the future; you may have tried several practices in the past and not yet found your perfect style or your favourite teacher. Like all forms of self-enquiry, you just have to keep asking until you find an answer that resonates with you.

On retreat you will have the chance to talk about yourself and your situation and what you hope to gain from meditation and yoga and what you would like more of/less of in your life. I can help to give you guidance about which direction might most benefit you. It may be a physical asana practice, a stillness/sitting practice, a book recommendation or just a film we watch together. Hopefully something that you experience on retreat will help you to connect with yourself and the world around you and to make positive changes toward a life with less suffering.

Food and nourishment.

Every individual has their own likes, dislikes, constitution, dosha, intolerances, allergies and a whole minefield of other food factors to consider. I provide a sattvic, yogic diet which is ethically sourced and lovingly prepared. It is vegetarian, with many vegan options, based on juices and smoothies, salads, soups, cooked stews and whole grains. Meal times are designed for optimum digestion.



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