Yoga retreats

Forthcoming retreats:

Yorkshire Yoga Weekend: 24-26th March 2017 OR 31 Mar-2nd April 2017.

I am on a meditation retreat with no internet access until March 7th, so in the meantime, please email me with your interest for either of the above weekends and I’ll contact you when I return to the digital world.

Come and join us for a weekend of nourishing yoga, food and company.

What the gang said about the last retreat.

It truly was a fantastic experience and for me life changing.”

“What a wonderful, chilled out, inspiring bunch of people you are.”

“I definitely feel so much better after our wonderful weekend and loved experimenting with this different form of yoga. I am very grateful to have shared this experience with such a wonderful group of women.”

The Venue
This magical place – all cosy and homely with views to die for. Just outside of Skipton, near Leeds.

The plan

4pm onwards: Arrivals, afternoon tea and cake
6pm: Light supper
7.30pm – 9pm: Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra (guided deep relaxation)

Saturday & Sunday
8-10am: Guided morning mediation and Mindful Vinyasa Yoga class
10-11am: Breakfast
11.30am-1.30pm: Local walk on the Pennine Way/Cow & Calf
2-3pm: Lunch
3.30-5pm: Chill out or Optional workshop (will decide theme based on who comes and what interests you = inversion postures, applied yoga philosophy, etc)
6-7pm: Restorative yoga (Sat only)
7-8pm :Supper (Sat only)
Sunday 5pm: Check out

Full package prices: All include 2 nights accommodation and all meals. All classes are free at the point of delivery (like the NHS!) but you can make a donation if you like. This tradition is called ‘Dana’ or ‘Generosity’ if you are interested in the idea behind it.

4 Double rooms available
Single Occupancy = £260 p/p
Shared with partner or a mate you don’t mind sharing a bed with = £160 p/p

2 Twin rooms available
Shared occupancy of twin room = £210 p/p

Drop in Day Rate: £40 per day

Saturday or Sunday (or both)

Contact me to book

What happens on retreat?

Finding your yoga is an ever-evolving journey. What works for you now, may not work for you in the future; you may have tried several types in the past and not found your perfect style or your favourite teacher. Like all forms of self-enquiry, you just have to keep asking until you find an answer that resonates with you.

On retreat you will have the chance to talk about yourself and your situation and what you hope to gain from yoga and what you would like more of/less of in your life. I can help to give you guidance about which direction might most benefit you. It may be a physical asana practice, a meditation practice, a book recommendation or just a film we watch together. Hopefully something that you experience on retreat will help you to connect with yourself and the world around you and to make positive changes toward a life with less suffering.

Food and nourishment.

Every individual has their own likes, dislikes, constitution, dosha, intolerances, allergies and a whole minefield of other food factors to consider. We provide a sattvic, yogic diet which is ethically sourced and lovingly prepared. It is vegetarian, with many vegan options, based on juices and smoothies, salads, soups, cooked stews and whole grains. Meal times are designed for optimum digestion.

Kaliyoga Italy and Spain, 2017

hottubIn 2017 I am teaching at Kaliyoga Italy from April 16-29 and then managing the retreat for the rest of the season (April – October), with the exception of July 16-29th, when i will be teaching at Kaliyoga Spain. Here’s a gorgeous video of me and my yoga mates swanning about on bikes and in the hot tub at Kaliyoga Italy in 2014.


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