Yoga & Meditation

_MG_9253My teaching style aims to be honest, inquisitive, empowering and engaging. It’s your practice, your body and your experience. It’s my job to share some of the knowledge that I have discovered through my own practice and received from my teachers, to provide guidance and a safe environment to help you to explore yourself, your mind and your body.

I study Buddhist meditation under Burgs at The Art of Meditation, which has a profound impact on my approach to spiritual practices. My personal asana practice is influenced by Ashtanga yoga in the tradition of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, and the Dynamic Yoga method devised by Godfrey Devereux. Guruji said that “Ashtanga can be for everyone, but not everyone is for Ashtanga” and I found this to be true for me after a number of injuries, caused by a disconnect between my ambition within my practice and the actual capabilities of my body, which Godfrey’s method helped me to heal.

Contact me to arrange a retreat or find out where I’m teaching at the moment.


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