Business stuff


My degree is in Creative Advertising copywriting.

My office work experience was always in writing, web copy, blog posts, radio advertising scripts, contracts, presentations, proposals and so on. All linked with the theme that if you understand and respect your audience then you can use words to communicate with them.

Business consultant

I’m pretty good at providing a challenging point of view to help analyse any project, from a new-product launch to the future direction of a business. I’ve created and designed new products and taken them from conception to implementation and marketing, through to support and further development. I’ve worked with management teams and business consultants to interrogate business vision and to present it to the workforce. I always champion well-being, prioritising staff motivation and health of working environment over profit and demands of the shareholders, because the former begets the latter, naturally.

Have a look at my Linkedin profile if you want to know more about my corporate life.


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