Massage & Reiki

Intuitive massage 

Adj jen per savas2Intuitive massage doesn’t always follow a set sequence, rather I take into account any information you may have given me about your specific aches and pains and then follow my own intuition and the subtle information that your body unconsciously gives me. So I’m going to work with whatever presents itself on the table, to give you the most suitable treatment, depending on your emotional and physical needs on the day. Techniques used are similar to Swedish and deep-tissue massage.

Face-lift massage

Sounds a bit too impressive doesn’t it? I don’t like to set expectations too high, but it’s the best way to describe the effects. I work the face, neck and head muscles, acupressure points and do manual lymphatic drainage to remove tension and puffiness from the face.


I have been attuned in the Usui Reiki tradition to Master level by Robyn Allen and to Angelic Reiki Level 2 by Angelika Anagnostou. I mainly practice on friends, students and through distance healing.


One thought on “Massage & Reiki

  1. Face lift massage was fantastic – I’ll swear that my crows feet / laugh lines disappeared for several weeks after, thanks Jen .

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