Doors: A poem about intuition

If decisions seem too hard then maybe they’re not the right ones…



Life stood in the doorway,
with it open just a crack
The security chain was on and
life was telling me to go back.

It tried to give me the message,
that this door wasn’t meant for me,
But I wanted that door to be open,
so I stood there belligerently.

Sometimes we feel so certain,
That we know what we want to do
That we can’t even notice the clearest of signs
Saying, not now, not today, not for you.

Sometimes it’s just the reverse,
And we really haven’t a clue,
Which door we’re supposed to knock on,
So we stand still and wait for our cue.

But the best way to find our way home
Is to stand in the street and yell
“I’m here and I’m open to offers
I don’t mind in which house I should dwell.”

We have to put out our intention
and let our dreams be our guide.
So life can throw open the door meant for us
And invite us warmly inside.



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