A poem about life

A little something I wrote to remind me what’s important in life to me right now.

this lifes work

This life’s work

Get to know the one inside, the truth of all, the peace
Dedicate your actions to your teachers, peers, enemies.
Walk your path and dance your dharma
Laugh at jokes and take your karma.
See the bounty all around, know there’ll always be enough
Give as freely as you can: your time, your love, your stuff.
Cultivate humility; see that it’s not you
Who’s doing all the doing, but that action’s happening through.
Do your duty, serve with love, let your perspective shift.
Know that nothing is beneath you and to give is the greatest gift.
Surrender your will to the inevitable flow,
Let go of the fact that you don’t need to know.
Just be grateful for this human birth,
And the chance to explore a life on earth.



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