Poetry please

I’ve started writing poetry quite a lot recently. I’ve tried to work on my other writing projects but it keeps coming out in rhyme. Some friends came to Morocco for a visit and it turned out they all write too. We shared a little, I enjoyed letting other people hear things I’d only really written for myself. Often I feel like the poems just form themselves in my head when I’m out for a walk or driving to work. I’m not even going to pretend that I think that it’s ‘me’ writing this stuff,  all I have to do is tinker with the words until it seems to flow.poem for the morn

I’m not trying to say anything through this work, there is no agenda, just musings on life. I don’t write for catharsis usually, just to express a concept or experience as inspiration strikes me in the best way I can.

Poetry inspires me, Rumi particularly. It has a certain way of lodging in my brain that other art forms don’t so much. I could spend hours listening to ‘Poetry Please’ on BBC radio 4.

So anyway – here begins the poetry project, where I choose a picture to make the words look pretty.  here’re three to start with, about nature and stuff.

precious stones copyMountain trail


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