Subliminal put downs

Someone left this magazine lying around the flat and I couldn’t help myself but do this…

women's heath

I don’t really have a bee in my bonnet about such magazines – I remember studying Media and Society at university and we used to pick apart articles from the newspapers to look at how they were using style and language to manipulate people’s emotions.

However, sometimes I feel like spending my afternoons doing stuff like this, just to remind myself, that we are all just fine just the way we are, however strongly publications like this try to insinuate otherwise. Not least because it’s pretty funny when you see how ridiculous and worthy of derision these headlines are when you take a second look rather than accept them and take them as instructions to change yourself.

Of course this understanding that not only am I ok, but that everything else is just fine as it is also includes this magazine and many more like it. I can’t decide that some magazine headlines are OK and others are not OK just because they don’t fit into my world view. I know that according to the enlightened perspective everyone and everything is already as perfect as it is possible for them to be because they are the ONLY way they can possibly be given everything that has ever happened in the universe which is supporting everything else that has ever happened (have a look at determinism on wikipedia for more info on this little rant).

Anyway I don’t need to know the reasons why all of this is happening; why magazines and consumer culture have evolved to sell stuff to people that they don’t need or want by making them feel inadequate and not worthy, I just accept that there’s probably a higher intelligence at work or chaos theory or something.
And then the little voice that reckons the balance is in danger of being swung too far into the ‘you’re not good enough’ camp pipes up and inspires this kind of activity… and so I stick something out there just to even things out a bit. Only because my conditioning forces me to do it of course.

Anyway, the less often I am encouraged to look in the mirror and criticise my body, the happier I am. The more I surround myself with people who don’t judge me by weight but by the quality of my character and actions, the better for all concerned I reckon. Maybe if one person reads this and is inspired to feel less shit about themselves then that’s probably enough of a reason to publish.


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