Rice, rice baby.

rice salad 1I really love brown rice; short grain, cooked a little too long so it goes a bit claggy. I was once told by an Ayurvedic doctor that I should eat rice for bliss and I realised that she was not wrong at all: put me in a room with a rice pudding and a spoon and I’m not coming out until it’s done. Also ‘Special Rice’ is my favourite comfort dish. it’s basically rice with loads of stuff in it. Remember rice salad that used to get served at buffets in the 80s? Like that but with more than just frozen peas and tinned sweetcorn. When I was working in the veggie cafe in Crete, I had special rice on the menu, sometimes just a simple salad dressing, a handful of chopped herbs and a few jewels of pomegranate was all it took to make it special.

Now that I’ve been in Morocco for a month, I have searched every shop locally without success on my mission to find brown rice, then yesterday i popped into an unassuming little shop in Agadir and found not only brown rice, but chicory and pink grapefruit too. I’m not sure why I get so excited about these things, but I do, so I made special rice for lunch with my precious finds.IMG_5663

50g cooked brown rice plus assorted stuff, in this case…
1 segmented pink grapefruit
1 sliced white chicory
Handful of walnuts
cooked chickpeas
ribboned carrot
cubed cooked beetroot
Sliced green pepper
cubed tomato
drizzle of soy sauce and EV olive oil.


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