Ayurveda: Pitta-Balancing Salad

Ayurveda pitta balancing saladSo I don’t profess to having much of a knowledge of Ayurveda. I’m definitely in the novice category when it comes to doshas and whatnot. But I’m reading and learning and trying to follow it, to see if it makes me feel balanced and healthy. I figure it can’t hurt.

So here is today’s supper…

Ingredients (per person)
Cup of Shredded lettuce
1 stick celery, finely chopped
4 leaves chicory, finely chopped
1/4 celeriac, grated or very finely sliced
1/2 ripe mango, diced
2 artichoke hearts, halved
1 sun dried tomato, finely chopped
2 tsps balsamic vinegar

mix and serve 🙂

OK so the sun dried tomato and balsamic is maybe not strictly Pitta balancing, but I LOVE them and everything you eat is supposed to make you drool, right?


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