Blessings: Happiness is a French alpine town

Sometimes I count my blessings and make mental lists of my favourite things.  It’s also nice to share good news, to try and counteract all the bad news that I don’t watch/read/listen to anymore. I really don’t want to brag, I just want to diarise how lucky I feel to be living this life, if only temporarily. Anyone who knows my story and follows this blog, knows that I just jumped shAnyone fancy a dip?ip from a fortunate, but somewhat average and unfulfilling existence. It won’t and can’t last, but today was a good day and I wanted to record it here for posterity.

Lac du Montriond

1. It’s blistering sunshine and 35 degrees (yay);

My building has a pool (double yay), but it’s not open yet (boo).

There’s a lake (yay), but it’s 5km away and I have no bike/car and the buses aren’t running (boo).

But I do have two feet and legs, so I can hike there through the woods (yay), and when I get there and start doing laps of the little swimming lake, in the very ‘fresh’ melt-water, all the people who were paddling but not being brave enough to jump in see me happily pootling round and think ‘well it must be OK if she’s doing it’ and start swimming too (too many yays #howtostartamovement #dereksivers).

2. I have done one whole exercise out of my Living french book that I’ve owned for three years and not opened until today.

3. I have a handful of recruits who want to take me up on my offer of yoga classes, some of whom are going to take me climbing for the first time in return.

4. My over-the-road neighbour has two beautiful chestnut brown mares, I’m sitting at my desk writing this blog and I can hear them clopping about and making that snorty, friendly noise that horses make.

5. About a mile or so away on the other side of the valley there are a herd of cattle, they have cow bells on, which I can also hear from my apartment.  It’s very alpine and makes me feel like I’m in The Sound of Music.

6. I have a vase of wildflowers on my balcony table that I picked from the roadside on my way home.

If I was in America, about 20 people probably would have instructed me to “have a nice day”, which I have indeed done.


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