Simple Salads #1: Carrot & orange, Tomato & herb

I love eating raw salad.  Way more than cooked veg.  Maybe its because I’m impatient, maybe because the enzymes are all present and correct. Anyway, salads will form a large part of the recipes I post, because it’s what I eat most of.

To start here are two that make great sides, or form part of a mega salad buffet.

Carrot and orange salad

Carrot and orange salad

Tomato herb salad

Tomato Herb Salad


Carrot and Orange salad

Grate one carrot per person, segment half an orange per person. Squeeze the juice over too. Mix in a tsp or two of cumin seeds and sprinkle with seeds (I used Omega seed sprinkle, pumpkin, sesame, sunflower and flax but any kind will do).

Tomato and herb salad

Finely chop a handful of mixed herbs (I use parsley, chives, sage, oregano and mint from the herb garden and a large handful of baby leaf spinach).  Chop up 1 tomato per person, sprinkle with a pinch sea salt and ground black pepper and mix it all together.


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