Missing: Personal space. Last seen 30th November, 2012

living in a shoebox

living in a shoebox

Before I start moaning, I’m just going to clarify that I’m not moaning: Merely observing the challenges my new life presents me with.

So, on to moaning… There are many hard things about life as a chalet chef/host in comparison to life as an office wallah.  Aside from the long hours at unusual times of the day  and perpetual chalet finger (skin like sandpaper, deep cracks that never heal etc), the most difficult for me has been lack of personal space.

I share a studio flat with my brother.  I share a chalet with an average of 12 guests per week.  I share the slopes with my friends and several hundred tourists.

I was always a big one for ‘me time’.  I’m comfortable in my own company. I don’t really need other people’s input on my work or life decisions. So I have learned to view some things that I took completely for granted when I lived alone as a complete luxury – in short I have learned to count my blessings in a much simpler way.

New gratitudes…

– A shower that lasts more than two minutes

– Not talking to anyone for the first 30 minutes of the day

– Silence – even if it’s just momentary

– More than six hours sleep in any 24 hour period

– Being able to follow a train of thought to its conclusion

– Starting and finishing a task without being interrupted (finding the ‘flow’)

Oh and yes, I am aware that this is exactly what it’s like when you have kids. I can only write as a person without responsibilities. I’m not a parent, but I totally get the challenges. It’s almost like this is parent-training for me, should I ever get around to it.

But when all is said and done, I still believe that a life given in service of others is a life well-lived and I intend to stay for a while longer – but on the condition that I have my own bedroom.


2 thoughts on “Missing: Personal space. Last seen 30th November, 2012

  1. I have followed your blog and I am delighted to see an update – an honest and humorous one too. You are fully trained up now to be a parent – parentlng may actually be better as you don’t necessarily get ‘chalet finger.’ Your new life sounds exhausting. But has to be better than wondering about it from an office. It actually sounds like you could do anything afterwards. Good luck with acquiring more personal space.

    • Thanks Sarah!
      I feel like I’m finally emerging from the mania of the first few months of a complete life-change, and am starting to get some perspective and direction back: I can finally see the wood for the trees and have an idea of what I want – and don’t want – from a life in the mountains – and time to write my blog was one of the wants! x

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