How to pack for a ski season (or not)

So this is part one of the seasonaire’s packing list, in that I’m not out there yet so I have no idea what I’m talking about and in parts two and three I can look back and laugh at my choices when I haven’t used half of the stuff I am taking.

First I laid it all out on the floor… then I panicked for a bit… then I rolled it all up RREEEAAALLLYYY small and shoe-horned it into two giant suitcases – which are now roughly as dense as a neutron star and weigh rather a lot – probably not an actual tonne – but definitely more than I can pick up.

ski season packing list

all my stuff

 As well as the usual Noah’s ark of ski clothes that I would pack for a week’s skiing (2 x jackets, 2 x salopettes, 2 x fleeces etc) I’ve applied a similar principle to the rest of it (4 x jumpers, 4 x hoodies, 4 x dresses, 4 x jeans, 4 x t-shirts). I have then packed an embarrassment of yoga clothes (including about 8 pairs of leggings); footwear comprising Adidas Originals Vulc star winter boots, Uggs (Classic tall wool knit), Aussie Soles winter boots, running shoes and Vivienne Westwood pirate boots (yep – these are definitely in the ‘never going to get worn’ section) and I’ve packed 4 pairs of technical ski socks and 4 pairs of chalet socks plus rucksack, swimwear, pyjamas, handful of books (French, baking, yoga, travel) and all the electricals (macbook, kindle, jambox and assorted leads and chargers).

So on to the weird stuff. Kitchen knives – a full set of 8. (What?!  I’m cooking for a living!); Microfibre glass cleaning cloths and mit (What?! I’m also cleaning for a living!); Toiletries – lots and lots of them (I’m over 30, I need good skincare); yoga mat (standard); 8 ball (no I don’t make all my own decisions); the sexy cup (don’t ask). And finally, and most disturbingly, I’m taking a memory foam mattress topper!  I can’t risk it. I’m addicted to memory foam. I’ve been sleeping on it for 10 years and I never want to sleep on anything else.  This could be genius.  It could be exceptionally high maintenance. It could be the most ironic thing I’ve ever done, in that, I could put my back-out and crick my neck carrying it out there in an attempt to prevent a bad back and neck.

packed suitcases

the heaviest luggage known to man

I’ll do part two: the review of this post in a month or so … to be continued…


2 thoughts on “How to pack for a ski season (or not)

  1. Hi there – did you ever follow this up? I am currently packing for my first season and I would love to know what came in handy and what could have been left at home! 🙂

    • Hey! No i never did write a follow up post, but I’ll do it now in this reply. Hardly wore jeans because my legs and arse got so big from all the snowboarding and cake-eating that i couldn’t wear anything but lycra. I pretty much lived in my Sweaty Betty thermals – seriously I even went out in them on New years eve, expensive but worth every penny I wore them every single day. Two of everything else would have been fine, one to wear one to wash. A nice dress that can go with tights and boots is useful for christmas etc Seriously good non-slip, waterproof, warm boots are essential. Need a bikini if you have a hot tub, don’t need books as you can look everything up on line and I never had time to read, but my paperlight kindle was useful cause i could read when the lights were out. My computer was invaluable for work as all systems were online and I probably would have gone insane without my memory foam mattress – but that is definitely just me being a princess. Good luck! xx

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