Yoga asanas 1: Marichyasana D

When I first saw Marichyasana D I remember clearly thinking, “I will NEVER ever get into that.”

Marichyasana D

Image credit Jenni @ Ihana Yoga, Melbourne

Now of course there are quite a few poses that I’ve had that thought about; like Bujapidasana (which I can now sort of do on a good day) and Supta Kurmasana (which my shoulders and hamstrings are currently hampering my progress in), but I was soooooo far away from Marichyasana D that I was convinced I’d never get in. Now, thanks to my amazing yoga teacher, Joey Miles, I can! Not on my own, I’m not that twisty yet – but I can at least be dragged into it!

Teacher’s like Joey are almost telepathically aware of you trying to sneak the tricky poses in without adjustment; they come over just when you think you’ve got away with it and say “do it again”.

The first time I met Joey, in a Primary Series workshop, he adjusted me straight into Marichyasana D before I knew what was happening: I’d never had a teacher do any kind of strong adjustment before. One minute he’s sitting alongside me saying “breathe in” the next minute I’m breathing out and my hands have magicked into monkey grip behind me. Yes my foot is digging painfully into my thigh and my breath is coming in gasps, but I’m in it. I’M IN MARICHI D!!!
So now, every Mysore, Joey puts me in… and I stay in… for as little time as I can get away with.

Until this week.
This week I had a breakthrough.
This week, as I’m struggling to control my breath and my pain responses (‘It’s not pain, it’s just a sensation’. Whatever.) Joey placed his hand on my head and said “Surrender.”
Then he placed his hand on my face and said “Surrender”.
Then my ears, and my neck.
Surrender, Surrender.

Finally he placed his hand on my heart and said. “You’re here. Be here. Surrender your head, ‘Be’ in your Heart.” And I smiled, and I got it, and I let go of the struggle between my head and my body and I just breathed and let it be.
And suddenly I didn’t mind being in the pose. I didn’t mind the discomfort.
I was content to just be there. All twisted up like a human pretzel.


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