What if money didn’t matter?

How fitting that I find this video on the morning of my last day at work in the office.

When I made my decision to change everything I asked myself two questions, ‘What would I do with my time if I won the lottery?’ and ‘What would I do if I knew I only had two years to live?’

The first one was actually a useless exercise – build eco-houses was the answer – after I’d sorted out my friends and family of course.

The second one was the killer one, I’d move to the alps and ski everyday in the winter.  Then I’d climb some mountains and see some stuff in the summer (Kilimanjaro, Machu Pichu etc), plus a healthy dose of wild swimming and exploring and meeting amazing people, then I’d move to the Rockies and snowboard every day. Then I’d travel round the world and see my friends in far-flung places and finally I’d move home and spend my final months with my friends and family.

So on the off chance that I do sadly pass on in two years time, then how much am I going to kick myself if I didn’t at least take the first step on the path to doing what I really want to do with my time, regardless of the massive drop in wages, wealth is comparative and I figure it’s better to be poor in the mountains, than well-off in an office.

I hope this video gives food for thought to anyone who watches it.  Yes I appreciate that not everyone is fortunate enough to be free of responsibilities and ties (mortgage, kids etc), but it makes me really sad to think that people feel trapped and feel like they can’t enjoy their time on earth.  Even if it’s just a little change, or a few little changes, if you’re not happy, please try to work out why… and be the change you wish to see in  your world (thank you Gandhi).


One thought on “What if money didn’t matter?

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