I am passionate about the power of retreat to reconnect us to whatever it is we’ve lost contact with. Taking time away from the demands of daily life, work and family, to learn to listen. Listen to our inner truth, listen to the wind in the trees, listen to teachings from wisdom traditions.

             “You are my place of quiet retreat, I wait for your word to renew me.” Psalms

I have worked and studied on yoga and meditation retreats almost full-time for five years, and I am constantly enthused and amazed by the powerful positive transformations that can take place in as little as a long weekend. Both in myself and the students that the team and I are working to support.

Jenni Crowther: Retreat lover

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Teaching Yoga

For me, yoga is an internal awareness state. Whether in movement or stillness, it is the continued attempts to bring a quality of open spacious presence that is the essence of yoga. My teaching style aims to be honest, inquisitive, empowering and engaging. It’s your practice, your body and your experience. It’s my job to share some of the knowledge that I have discovered through my own practice and received from my teachers, to provide guidance and a safe environment to help you to explore yourself, your mind and your body.

I have been one of the teachers at Kaliyoga Retreats in Italy and Spain since 2016. In the UK I lead weekend or one-day retreats in Yorkshire, often with my good friend Maria at Yoga Teesside.

My Principle Teachers.

I study and practice Buddhist meditation (and chi kung) with Burgs at The Art of Meditation. For Yoga Asana and contemplative practice I have trained and studied with Sarah and Ty Powers at Insight Yoga Institute, Godfrey Devereaux at Windfire retreats (Dynamic Yoga Method), Heather Elton, YTT 200hr, Sharath Jois (KPJAYI) and Joey Miles (Asthanga Yoga Leeds).

Contact me to arrange a retreat or find out where I’m teaching at the moment.

Testimonials. (Lovely stuff people have said about me)

“Jen was amazing. She has a wonderful approach, a warmth and a great technique and dealt with all guests equally and considerately.”

“Jenni proved to be fantastic and able to manage a very mixed ability group. She is a great inspiration. good to go back to the basics and focus on safety and alignment. Loved the last session team work.”

“Yoga was great, really useful to get back to basics and move on from there. Jen is an inspiring teacher.”

“The yoga was enchanting. Jenni is a great all-round teacher with asanas and yoga teaching. Fun, dynamic, thoughtful – am so happy to have had the chance to work with her.”

“Jenni was brilliant, so helpful. She made it a personal experience for everyone even though the group was large.”

“Jenni was an excellent teacher, with an amazing ability to put together classes for all levels. I can’t praise her enough for what she has taught me.”

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Retreat Chef

I have been cooking on yoga and meditation retreats, sporadically since 2014.

I love preparing healthy, nutritionally-balanced, ethically-sourced meals and I firmly believe that food should be thy medicine.

How food affects the practice.In yoga the physical body is also called the ‘food body’, we really are what we eat. Literally every drop we drink and morsel we ingest chemically transforms to become our body, and perhaps more surprisingly our mind, in a continual feedback loop. So our physical form is the product of its diet. I have found that if my body hates what I am eating, I find emotions like self-hatred arising. If it likes what I am eating, I experience more comfort in my own skin.

In the kitchen. June 2018, Catering a luxury Yoga retreat in Ibiza for 14 people.

Feb 2016, 2017 & 2018 I gave service as lead cook at my meditation teacher, Burgs’, long winter retreats in the Pyrenees and in Scotland. Cooking for between 20 -35 people a day.

Summer 2015 I was one of four lead cooks on Godfrey Devereux’s Windfire Yoga retreat. I cooked for around 30 people a day, using only macrobiotic grains, pulses, sea vegetables and condiments and whatever local, seasonal vegetables, fruit and herbs were available from the extensive Tuscan kitchen garden that day. The menu is designed purely to support the yoga practice and encourage a meditative mindset.

Summer 2014, 2016 & 2017, Kaliyoga, Italy. Working with the resident chef to serve supremely healthy, balanced meals to the retreat guests.

In 2013 I worked as a cook at Soul Kitchen Organic Vegetarian restaurant in Crete.

After assisting in the kitchen on a yoga retreat in Fuertaventura in September 2012, I went on to cook in a luxury Ski chalet for five months (breakfast, afternoon tea and four-course evening meal).

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Massage & Reiki

Intuitive Reiki massage 

Intuitive Reiki massage doesn’t always follow a set sequence. I use my hands to connect with the subtle information that your body gives and depending on your emotional and physical needs on the day, I adjust the way I work. Sometime techniques used are similar to Swedish and deep-tissue massage, other times it’s deep stillness or subtle rocking.

I have been attuned in the Usui Reiki tradition to Master level by Robyn Allen and to Angelic Reiki Level 2 by Angelika Anagnostou.

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Find me

Currently in Italy, I am available to travel wherever needed.

If you want to touch base just drop me a line on or fill in this handy form.